Covered in white satin bodies form into figures. Their physicality reveals itself through the force of gravity to which the figures appear to be subject. Shadows, touches and directions of flow describe positions. In the image montage, several views are interwoven into one. Clear, recognizable figures dissolve in their duplication. The figures do not show any faces. Identification thereby remains denied. Where does identity begin and where does it end? Which gestures reveal a movement or shape to be human? The withheld look onto a face draws the focus onto something else. The hands become protagonists of the emerging figures. They operate the self-timer, they create the photograph. They ban the figures they entail. Hands too are witnesses of identity: It can be attested and insured via the narrow lines of the fingertips be it in crime or on smartphones. The hands hold a threshold function between the physical and the digital world. They translate the satin covered figures into a photograph triggering the shutter release. The resulting image visualizes this process. In the form of a photograph, the figure crosses the threshold from the physical world into the digital. The hands become the symbol of this transformation. Not only over the shutter release, but also on screens and displays they let two worlds touch. On the surfaces of screens dimensions merge and collide at their tips.

Ten photographic montages, Fine Art Prints on high gloss photografic paper, mesurements between 100 cm x 150 cm and 200 cm x 300 cm