Franziska Ostermann was born in 1992 in Kiel, Northern Germany. She got her master´s degree at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. As a post-conceptual multimedia artist her main interests are contemporary photography and writing as well as their interaction. In her work she explores hyperreality, virtuality and matters of identity. She has been awarded by the British Journal of Photography and was selected as a FRESH EYES european talent 2021 by GUP Magazine. Her Selfportrait FIRN was published on the cover of ProfiFoto magazine. She has been granted the award for uprising artist by the Bundesverband Bildender Künstler Schleswig-Holstein as well as the The New Talent Award by Canon and ProfiFoto magazine twice. Her poetry debut OSZIT was published by the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and her poems were published in literature magazines such as Mosaik, Signaturen or Archipel.
Franziska Ostermann has taken part in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally.




Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design B.A. & M.A.





Stuttgarter Filmwinter


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Ruth Borchard Collection, curated digital display, United Kingdom

Volta Art Fair, Art Basel, AR-Gallery with MeetFrida, Basel, Switzerland

Lacuna Festivals, International Contemporary Art Festival: Distance, Lacuna Studios, Spain

Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA), #social2021, Korea

Haute Photographie, Amsterdam, Netherlands – cancelled due to Covid-19

Videofensterprojekt, Cologne, Germany

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Photokina, Cologne, Cancelled due to Covid-19

Photo/Media Art Fair – Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany

Exhibition of the studio scholarships, Atelierhaus im Anscharpark, Kiel, Germany



X-Pon Art Gallery, gemEinsam, Hamburg, Germany

Steam Machine Engine Learning- Digital Change; granted by the Hoepfner Association, Germany

Start Up 2, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Kiel, Germany

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Photokina, Cologne, Germany



German historical museum/ Deutsches historisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

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Stuttgarter Filmwinter- 2-minutes short film competition


VG Bildkunst Scholarship

British Journal of Photography, Edition365

FRESH EYES European Talent 2021, by GUP Magazine, Amsterdam

Pilotenküche Leipzig, international online residency, Leipzig

Kunstpreis Deutschland/ Art Prize Germany, Gallery Depelmann, nominee, Hanover

COCA Project 2021, Center of Contemporary Artists, Rome

Self-Portrait Prize of the Ruth Borchard Collection, Longlisted, London

D31 Art Prize 2021, Finalist, Doncaster

Fine Art Photography Awards: Nominee Categorie Fine Art, London

Fine Art Photography Awards: Nominee Categorie Conceptual, London



Scholarship by the Alfred Toepfer Association, residency at Gut Siggen



Steam machine learning and digital change, Hoepfner Association

New Talent Award, Profifoto Magazine and Canon


Grant for emerging artistst, BBK

New Talent Award, ProfiFoto Magazine and Canon

Studio Scholarship, Atelierhaus im Anscharpark Kiel



Birgitt Bolsmann Grant



Zoom Human Rights, The German Institute for Human Rights

Without him, Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food



Aperture 2010, Youthaward



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