In my grandmother’s family albums I meet my ancestors. Photographs show me their faces, surfaces, covers, faded characteristics. My grandmother tells me one or two sentences about my great-grandfather.
Those sentences are the essence of what in my imagination I call “great-grandfather”.
This language is as fragmentary as the photographs. My great-grandfather is a facsimile that can only move in already-decided images.

I defamiliarize the pictures in my grandmother's albums according to the principle of her narration in order to gain access to them.

I assemble, form, light, condense, destroy and renew the particles of the images, the face of my great-grandfather, the sparse fragments of my ancestors.

I make a symbol of myself and braid it into the pictures to explore my own position in the structure of the pictures and the midst of my ancestors.


Six photomontages, hahnemühle fine art prints on wood, 95 cm x 100 cm / 120 cm