Where does the increasing need of taking photographic self-portraits come from? How can the cultural phenomenon be classified? The human is the only living being conscious of itselfs own existence. This awareness is accompanied by the knowledge of the uncertainty of the future and thus the certainty of a loss of control that triggers fear. In order to regain control, the desire for self-assurance manifests itself in reverse. With the increasing mechanization and globalization not only the omnipresence and the variability of the already uncertain future increase. The need for reassurance of the own self manifests itself in the selfie culture. The image suggests „I recognize myself “ and the publication „I recognize myself in the eyes of others“. The often frivolously dismissed narcissistic phenomenon that shapes the generation of the millennials is therefore much more complex than it seems. Selfies are highly media-reflective. The photographers know that they make themselves become an image, and they use it as a communication strategy. By targeting multiple self-containing devices of past-self-duplications on smartphones on to myself, I communicate with versions of myself and allow the otherwise disconnected views to meet in the pictorial space of photography.


Six+ photographic montages, fine art prints behind acrylic glass
120cm x90cm /80 cm, 80cm x80 cm